Geodes are rocks that have crystals on the inside. They are usually round and can be found in sedimentary and volcanic rocks. Minerals can form

Agate is a famous type of chalcedony. This gemstone has distinctive bands in various colors, from deep reds and gentle pinks to dazzling greens

One of the most interesting things you can find is a geode. Geodes are rocks that have a special inside. When you find one,

A beautiful shot of Geoda de Pulpi mine in Spain Geodes are rocks that contain a hollow space inside of them. This space is

set of polished, semiprecious, colorful gemstones against gray slate stone Many people like to collect pretty rocks because they are so appealing. People often

Geode with crystals of light-blue color. Quartz geode with transparent crystals. The first crack of a geode is the most exciting moment. It is