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Crystals to Repel Negative Energy: How to Protect Yourself from Harm


Crystals to Repel Negative Energy: How to Protect Yourself from

Negative energy can be very dangerous for a human. It can ruin your peace of mind, make it hard for you to sleep, and feel sick.

It can also affect your self-confidence and your whole life.

Negative energy can come from people close to you, your boss, your work colleagues, or even your enemies.

These folks may be completely unaware that they emit so much negative energy at you. Others are very aware of it and do it on purpose.

Negative energy can hurt your emotions, your body, and your mind. It’s important to do something to deflect and get rid of this energy so it doesn’t hurt you.

Quick Picks:  Crystals to Repel Negative Energy

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Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is a type of tourmaline that gets its black color from the high iron levels in the stone.

The black tourmaline gets its powerful magnetic abilities from the iron.

Black tourmaline, also known as school, is a powerful protective gemstone. It protects its user from negative energy and helps to ground them. This stone can also shield you from harmful radiation, sound, and electromagnetic fields.

Protection From Negative Energy With Black Tourmaline

The black tourmaline has a lot of iron, making it a very powerful magnet. It can work on the energies around you.

This stone helps to keep away negative people and energies. It can also help protect you from psychic attacks.

The black tourmaline can repel and attract. This means it can push away bad things and bring in good things. You can use it to make your home, office, or other places feel positive.

This stone can help ensure that your interactions with other people are positive.

How To Activate Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline does not need to be cleansed because it repels negative energy. However, if any previous intentions are set on this stone, cleansing can help remove them.

It should be fully recharged by the sun when it has been cleansed. The next step is to set your stone on a certain course by activating it. This will be beneficial to you.

First, find a quiet and comfortable seat. Focus on your thoughts and the black tourmaline’s energy. Look at the stone’s structure while you do this.

Ask your stone to help you repel negative energy and bring positive vibrations into your life once you’ve established a connection with it. Your stone has been activated and is now ready to assist you.

Put Black Tourmaline Where It Will Have the Greatest Impact.

Using black tourmaline in a grid configuration is the best method. Put a piece of black tourmaline in each corner if you’re using it for your office or a specific space in your house.

This will help keep out any negative energy and attract positive energy into the room.

You can use this stone to protect your whole house. Put some stone at each corner of your house (or at each entrance if you live in an apartment). If the stone is outside, the sun will help to keep it charged so it can keep protecting your home.


Jet is a natural substance similar to minerals but doesn’t have the same crystalline structure.

Jet is a type of stone that is found near coal. It is made from wood that has been put under a lot of pressure, but it is not yet coal. Jet can be black or dark brown, and it sometimes contains pieces of brass and metal.

This stone is thought to have powerful properties that can protect and heal its users. People in ancient Greece would burn this stone to get rid of evil spirits.

Using This Method, You Are Protected Against Negative Energy

Jet is often called an energetic filter. This stone can drive away negative energy around you and pull toxic energy and emotions from your body.

This stone is well-known for its grief-relieving properties. It can help you let go of your heart’s anguish over the loss. It can also aid in the beneficial release of unpleasant emotions.

This stone can help clean other healing crystals and get rid of negative energy in a room. It can also allow positive energy to enter.

The crystals can absorb the negative energy and help you in different ways.

How To Activate Jet

Jet can absorb negative energy. It is important to clean it and recharge it before using it.

The stone will provide direct benefits to areas where you need them most.

To activate the jet:

  1. Find a spot to relax and unwind.
  2. Make sure there are no distractions, like electrical devices or people who might be talking loudly.
  3. Hold the stone in front of you and focus all your thoughts on it.

Think about what you need help with. Visualize all negative energies being drawn away from you. Your stone will be engaged and ready to assist you whenever you feel it has accepted this request.

Placement of the Jet for the Best Possible Effect

The best way to keep jet, providing you with the maximum effect, is to wear it on your body. The best place to wear it is on your wrist.

A bracelet made of jet beads might help you feel the stone’s purifying properties all day.

You can also have a bowl of jet stones on your desk in your office to help clear the space of negativity. It can also help you prosper by removing negative energy from your finances.

Jet can help you dispel negativity by keeping it on your nightstand. At the same time, you sleep and repel any negative vibrations that may impact your dreams.


Plagioclase feldspar contains the mineral labradorite. The crystalline structure of this stone provides a twinning effect. When the light hits the stone just right, it produces a stunning display of colors known as labradorescence.

The labradorescence, on the other hand, is not created by light reflecting off its surface. It’s caused by light refracting off the stone’s twinning surface.

An Inuit warrior first found this stone who thought the northern lights had been trapped inside the stone. This is how the labradorite has been used for protection, healing, and connecting people to the spiritual world since it was found.

Protecting Yourself From Negative Energy with Labrodorite

Labradorite is a powerful crystal that can protect your body from negative energy. It can remove toxic energy and pull positive energy and vibrations into your body and aura.

The stone is then put in an area to keep the positive energy and vibrations from dispersing. This gives you long-lasting positive energy, assisting you in being a happier, more positive person. These skills can also aid in the reduction of stress and worry in your life. This stone is also quite powerful, and it can deflect negativity from others when they engage with you.

How To Activate Labradorite

After cleansing and recharging your labradorite, you should also activate it. This enables you to assign the stone to a certain purpose. The stone may channel all of its energy and powers into assisting in that region.

Labradorite is a powerful stone that can be activated by holding it between your fingertips. This will allow the nerve endings to directly interact with the stone’s energy.

When you hold the stone between your fingers, you should feel the energy flowing between them.

When you feel the stone’s energy resonate with yours, ask it to protect you from negative energy. Ask it to keep that negative energy out of your space and body.

Your stone has accepted your request if you sense a rapid burst of energy.

Best Place To Put Labrodorite For Maximum Effect

The labradorite is best when it is close to you. You should always carry your stone with you to get the most benefit.

You should keep the stone as close to your body as possible. You can keep it in a shirt pocket, wear it as a necklace or earring, or any other way.

The stone can also help remove negative energy from your body. Hold the stone at your chest level or above while meditating. This will allow the stone to remove any toxic energy from your body more easily.


Calcium fluoride is found in the mineral fluorite. This mineral can be translucent. However, varying impurities cause the stone to have diverse colors.

Fluorite is named after the Latin word “fluere,” which means “to flow.” This mineral is named after its glowing characteristic when exposed to ultraviolet light. Fluorite helps people see and understand the physical and metaphysical world around them.

This stone can help you focus and think more clearly. It also has many powers to protect you.

Fluorite’s Protective Effects Against Negative Energy

Fluorite is an excellent stone for warding off negative energy. It can clear the area of any negative energy. This stone can also absorb any negative energy.

This stone can help to clear negative thoughts and energies from your body. It provides a relaxing impact that can aid in relieving anxiety and panic. It also helps to prevent other negativity, such as illnesses and injuries.

Fluorite also can protect you from negative energy and negative beings. It can mask your energy, so these things cannot affect you.

You can also help remove thoughts and energies that might attract negative energy to you.

How To Activate Fluorite

Your fluorite will need to be cleaned often, absorbing negative energy to protect you. After each cleaning, you will need to reactivate the stone since the cleansing process can remove any intentions you’ve set for it.

To activate your fluorite:

  1. Sit in a comfortable and quiet area.
  2. In your right hand, hold your fluorite.
  3. Placing your left hand over the crystal is a good idea.
  4. Close your eyes and concentrate on the energy flowing through you and the crystal.

Visualize the crystal clearing your life of any negativity. Visualize the crystal sending you and your family positive energy. When you notice a boost in energy, you’ll know the crystal has accepted your request.

Fluorite in the Best Place For Maximum Effect

The best place to put fluorite is in the room you and your family often use. This will allow it to absorb negative energy that may enter and help the room’s flow of energy. You can also put fluorite in your office for the same benefits.

You can also carry the fluorite stone around with you all day. This will shield you from any negative energy that may be present. This stone can also be placed beneath your pillow to prevent nightmares.

Blue Kyanite

Blue kyanite is a mineral that is often found in bladed crystals. It is usually found in metamorphic rocks. Blue kyanite comes from the Greek word “kyanos,” which means “blue.”

Blue kyanite is a high-vibration crystal that absorbs no negative energy or vibrations. This stone is known for helping get rid of emotional blocks and facilitating telepathic abilities. It can also aid in restoring energy balance and the smooth functioning of all physiological systems.

How Does Blue Kyanite Protect You From Negative Energies?

The blue kyanite has very high vibrations, so it can’t hold on to any negative energy. The high vibrations break up the negative energies and turn them into positive ones.

The high vibrations of your home can make you feel good. It can also keep away people who might cause you problems.

Blue Kyanite can aid in releasing bad energy and obstructions within you. If you are a negative person, it may take some time to acclimate to the stone’s high vibrations.

However, it can help restore you to a more balanced, positive person. This is because you will be mentally, physically, and emotionally healthy.

How To Activate Blue Kyanite

The blue kyanite does not absorb negative energy, so it doesn’t need to be cleansed. But if you want to use its powers, you might need to clear any previous intentions set on it.

As soon as the blue kyanite is triggered, it will cleanse your negative energy. Sit with it in a calm and comfortable location to activate the stone.

This stone might assist you in fast entering a meditative state. Ask the stone to shield you from negative energy and provide you with positive energy once you’ve arrived. If the stone accepts your request, you will feel it.

The Best Place To Put Blue Kyanite To Get The Most Out Of It

To invite positive energy, prosperity, and abundance into your home or office, place this stone in the east or southeast area of the room you use most.

This will help keep any negative energy from entering and attract positive energy to this area.

You can also wear blue kyanite to assist you in ridding your mind of negativity. The best way to ensure that the powerful vibrations bring balance to your system is to keep the stone higher on your body.

Black Obsidian

When felsic lava cools quickly, it creates black obsidian, a type of volcanic glass. This sort of rock is brittle and amorphous, with no crystalline structure.

This made the stone perfect for cutting and piercing in early human history.

This powerful stone can help protect you and show you your past and future more clearly.

This stone also aids in the understanding of the user’s defects and inadequacies. This may assist them in determining a course of action for correcting these issues.

How Black Obsidian Works To Keep You Safe From Harmful Energy

The black obsidian can help remove negative energies, emotions, and illnesses from your body. It does this by grounding them into the Earth.

These energies are pulled to the surface so they can be released and turned into positive energy.

People often form attachments to things and people that are negative. The black obsidian can help you cut those ties and get rid of the negative people in your life.

This stone can remove negative energies from your environment and protect you from attacks by negative energy.

What Is The Best Way To Activate Black Obsidian?

After purifying and recharging, you can use your black obsidian to shield yourself from general negativity or a specific threat. First, write down what you want your stone to do for you on a piece of paper.

Next, find a comfortable and quiet place to lay down. While lying down, place the black obsidian at your feet. Underneath it, place the sheet of paper.

While lying down, visualize all of the negative and toxic energy being pulled from your body and going into the stone. You will feel the stone’s power letting you know that it has accepted your request.

The Best Place To Put Black Obsidian To Get The Most Out Of It

It is best to always wear black obsidian on your body to defend oneself from certain threats, harmful persons, or unfavorable attachments. This can be done during the day or at night.

This will help to block the negative energy and solve the problem. Do this until the problem is no longer an issue.

To provide constant protection from negative energy, keep a small bowl of black obsidian stones on your work desk or near where you sit at home. Throughout the day, this will help to deflect negative energy and people.

This stone can also be placed in the northern part of the house to shield your entire family from any negative energy or emotions that may be picked up.

Apache Tear

A kind of obsidian found in rounded pebbles is the apache tear. Obsidianites are a common name for these minerals. This stone is made of the same stuff that lava flows.

Gray perlite rocks are frequently found nearby or embedded in them. Arizona and western Nevada are home to these stones.

The Apache tribe’s tale inspired the name of this stone. The tribe fought against the US Calvary in the 1870s. They rode their horses off the mountains to their death rather than be captured by the troops.

Some people say that when their wives found out about the tragedy, their tears turned to stones as they hit the ground.

How Apache Tear Works To Keep You Safe From Harmful Energy

The apache tear can help remove negative energy and emotions. With this stone, you can heal yourself of your feelings of despair, anger, fear, and grief.

This negativity can be turned into positive energy that helps heal your pain and sadness.

The apache tear is a stone that helps clear away negative energy in your surroundings. It transforms negativity into positive energy.

These stones can help boost the mood of your family or co-workers. They can also help you notice when there is negative energy or people in your space who might be a threat.

How To Activate Apache Tear

Cleaning your tears regularly will remove any negative energies they have acquired. It’s also crucial to keep these stones completely charged.

After then, you can direct your stone for specialized aid by activating it. This stone can be activated using a crystal grid or in the same way as black obsidian.

Place several stones in a geometric pattern on a table or desk to use a crystal grid. You can use other protection crystals to help harness the power, such as apache tears, citrine, or quartz.

Put the apache tear on a piece of paper in the center. Write down your specific intentions for it. Leave it there for at least six hours so that it can absorb the power and help you achieve your goals.

The Best Place For An Apache Tear To Have The Most Impact

You can use your apache tear to help you feel better. Place the stone near where you feel the most emotions or negative vibes in your home or office. This will help turn them into positive energy.

You can wear the apache tear in jewelry. It will help protect you from negative energy. It works best if worn as a long pendant that hangs over your heart.

Staurolite (Fairy Crosses)

The staurolite, or fairy cross, is a mineral that has a unique appearance. It is mostly opaque, but its twinning feature causes it to look like a cross.

This gemstone is red-brown or black. From the Greek words “stauros” (cross) and “lithos,” which mean “stone,” Staurolite is formed.

There are numerous legends surrounding the formation of staurolite. According to mythology, when fairies learned of Christ’s crucifixion, they mourned throughout the world.

The tears that fell on the rocks transformed them into stones with enormous love powers.

Protecting Yourself From Negative Energy Using Staurolite

The staurolite can protect you from negative energy and evil. It removes these negative influences from your life by channeling the strength of unconditional love.

The staurolite can also be used to repel negative people. When these people are near you and the staurolite, they will feel uncomfortable and try to avoid you.

This stone can help you release negative energy and habits holding you back. The staurolite will help you let go of fear, anger, and negativity.

The effect of this will be a calming one that will help to relieve stress.

How To Activate Staurolite

After cleansing and recharging your staurolite, you need to activate it so that it can help remove negativity and evil.

The best way to activate the very powerful energies of the stone is to meditate with it.

Find a place where you can be comfortable and not be disturbed. Make sure there are no distractions in the area. Close your eyes and focus on removing all the negativity from your life.

The stone will help you feel safe and loved. When you feel the stone’s energy, it is ready to help you with your task.

The Best Place To Put Staurolite To Get The Most Out Of It

Starolite can be placed in your house or business to shield you from negative influences. This stone will push away any negative energy or people that may try to come near you.

It is also helpful to dispel negative energy from those you need to work with to have a successful work experience.

You can also transport the staurolite. This stone can protect you throughout the day if you keep it in your purse or pocket.

This will help protect you from negativity and potential threats.


Hematite is a type of stone made of iron oxide and is commonly found in rocks and soils. This type of stone has a crystal structure similar to ilmenite and corundum.

Hematite stones come in many colors, including rust-red, black, steel, brown, and red.

Hematite gets its name from “haima,” which means “blood.” This stone gets its rich iron content from the ground. People have used it for centuries for different reasons.

One of the most potent stones for anchoring is this one.

Hematite’s Protective Effects Against Negative Energy

The hematite is a powerful stone that can protect you from negative energy. It will create a shield around you that will block negative energy from entering.

This will reflect the negative influences on its source. This may assist in discouraging people who are attempting to give you trouble.

This stone has magnetic abilities that can help to remove negative emotions and energies. These negative emotions can cause stress, fear, anxiety, and illness.

This stone absorbs negative energy and makes it harmless.

How To Activate Hematite

You must first wash and recharge your hematite before using it. This ensures that it is ready to follow your instructions. Once you’ve finished, find a quiet spot where you can unwind comfortably.

This place is free of electronic devices and other distractions that can keep you from properly focusing on your stone.

Lie down on the ground with your arms and legs uncrossed. Place the hematite on your stomach. Breathe deeply while focusing on the energy from your hematite.

Repeat the request to the stone until you feel that it has accepted your request. The stone is now ready to help you with your task.

The Best Place To Put Hematite To Get The Most Out Of It

Hematite is a powerful stone that can be used to improve your life. To get the most out of it, place the stone in busy areas of your home or workplace.

This can help eliminate any negative energy in these areas and even stop negative energy from entering.

This type of stone is also good for making jewelry. It provides you with protection, grounding, and calming abilities to help keep you balanced against negativity from inside and outside.

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