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How to Heal Yourself: The Different Types of Healing Modalities


How to Heal Yourself: The Different Types of Healing Modalities

The word “heal” is an interesting one. The word itself can be interpreted in many different ways, depending on the context of its use. It could mean making whole, bringing back to life, or restoring to health. Sound healing therapy is one of the most common forms of healing, which doesn’t require any special equipment. It’s an important word because it makes us think about what we want for ourselves and our loved ones – a sense of wholeness and well-being that can only come with healing.

There are many various ways to heal, as with most things. Some people want something more natural, and others will choose conventional healing methods, such as using the healing powers of amethyst or other gemstones. While it is true that some healing modalities might not be for everyone (whether due to finances or any other number of reasons). Knowledge about these choices can help you make informed decisions about how you wish to approach your health care plan moving forward.

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Different Types of Healing Modalities

We are surrounded by energy. Birds, flowers, and trees all have it. Individuals are impacted as well. There are many different ways to heal yourself with power, and we can also use it to help others who need healing. You can also try meditating with a mantra to help you feel relaxed.

According to science, all physical materials in the world are made up entirely of energy. Different frequencies of energy make up everything in the universe. Solid objects are made from vibrational fields at a quantum level. Interestingly, you can also try vagus nerve stimulation sound therapy to heal your body and improve your overall wellness.


Fengshui is from China. It is an art of harmonizing the energy in people and the environment. This knowledge helps you succeed with different things, like a business or a career, or even your relationships with other people. Fengshui can also make you healthier.

Pyramid Cosmic Energy

In the old days of Egypt, people learned how to use cosmic energy from pyramids. They could use it for healing and making rain for crops. Many shamans could heal people by touching them.

In general, all healings are self-healing. Our bodies can heal themselves, and we can help them somehow. There are many energy healing modalities, and it is impossible to list them all here. Here are 10 types of energy healing modalities that you might want to know about and learn more about.


Founded by Richard Gordon, Quantum-Touch works with energy. This energy is amplified by the proper breathing and visualization of the flow of this energy in the body.

Quantum-Touch is different because it does not transfer energy from an external divine source. The healing comes from breathing, which brings in new energy.


EFT is easy to learn. It’s all about fingers tapping on the acupuncture meridians in your body, combined with positive affirmations.


Reiki is a Japanese word made up of Reiki and ki. Ki denotes “life force energy,” and Rei denotes “more power.” In other words, Reiki is “spiritually guided life force energy.” The method of Reiki involves channeling the universal life energy to enhance the natural healing mechanism by combining mind/body/spirit together.

Reiki is a form of energy that you can use to heal people. You must have a special initiation from the Spirit to do this. You have to go through a ritual so your mind gets ready for healing.

Restorative Touch

Therapeutic Touch is a type of energy healing. The practitioner puts their hands on you to help you feel better. Practitioners do this by working with their own energy field, which is the person’s power that comes from inside themselves.

Brennan Healing Science

Dr. Barbara Brennan is a healer who also teaches classes on healing. She was a physicist for NASA and has written lots of books. Practitioners use the energy consciousness system, including the physical body, chakras, aura levels, and more.

Healing Touch

Healing Touch is a way to heal the human body by using the person’s energy field. Energy surrounds the person and can help them feel better. Healing Touch is when you use your hands to touch someone’s energy field with good thoughts.

Pranic Healing

Pranic healing, a self-described “Pranic Healed Mysticism Movement,” is based on prana or life energy and is used to cure physical ailments. It was developed by Master Choa Kok Sui, a Filipino of Chinese ancestry who named it after himself.

People’s energy bodies can be sick and diseased. These diseases can appear as ailments in the body. The practitioner cleanses the person and energizes them so that the disease is gone and can heal more quickly.


The ThetaHealing Technique, created in 1995 by Vianna Stibal, is a method that uses the Theta brainwaves as well as the unconditional love of God, Who Does the Actual Healing. It’s a technique that prioritizes thinking and prayer.

The techniques of ThetaHealing are based on Christianity, but it is not a religion. People of any religion can practice ThetaHealing.


Longevitology is a way to heal the body. It does this by opening up your chakras or energy centers.

Learning any type of energy healing technique can be quite expensive. The nicest part about Longevitology is that it is completely free to learn. Furthermore, all Longevitology practitioners are volunteers who do not pay for their work.

The Wonder Method

The Wonder Method, founded by Jody and Alain Herriott, is a mild form of energy healing that aims to awaken the core self. Overcome life’s challenges, and bring about happiness and harmony in one’s life.

Alain Herriott and Richard Gordon used to work together in the practice of Quantum-Touch. Alain is the author of two books: Supercharging Quantum Touch: Advanced Techniques and A New Way to Heal and Alter Reality with Quantum-Touch Core Transformation.

You can click here for more information about self-healing and healing modalities.

Frequently Asked Questions About Healing Modality

What Is a Holistic Healer?

Holistic medicine is a way to help people get better. People go to holistic providers when they don’t feel good. The holistic provider makes the person better and prevents them from getting worse

What Is Conventional Healing?

Conventional medicine is healing through Western medical schools. Some people also go to other places for healing, like alternative medicine. You can also try going on a yoga and meditation vacation trip to improve your spiritual wellness.

What Is a Spiritual Modality?

Spiritual Modality is a book about prayer. Prayer is when you talk to God or another spirit. The author of this book wrote it so that people who don’t pray can read it too.

What Is the 5 Holistic Health?

There are five aspects of holistic health. They are physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and mental. We are not just looking at the body but also these other things regarding our health.

What Is Indigenous Healing?

There are two types of healers in South Africa. One is an isangoma, and the other is an inyanga. An isangoma is a spiritual healer who may or may not be a woman. They make medical diagnoses. Physical healing is done by an inyanga, a man, or a woman.

What is ThetaHealing?

Healing is when the body, mind, or soul gets better. Theta healing is a type of healing where someone does it on you. When you do theta healing, someone tells the universe to make your body better, no matter what it needs.

What Is Healing Touch Energy?

Healing Touch is an energy therapy technique. It uses hand techniques to help people feel better. It works by telling your body that it’s not sick anymore and should start healing itself.

How Do I Become a Certified Natural Healer?

It is important to find out what a holistic healer does. One way is by doing research on the internet. Make sure you find an area of study that interests you and find a degree or program that can help you become a holistic healer.

Is Holistic Medicine Spiritual?

Holistic medicine is about the health of a person. It includes many different practices that help patients feel better, including group therapy led by a trained therapist.

What Is Wellness?

The act of practicing healthy practices daily is defined as wellness. This helps people to feel better, both physically and mentally. One way to do this is to learn and practice listening to binaural beats, which is linked to better sleep. People need to be social with other people for this too. Connecting with friends or loved ones can help you feel better spiritually and physically.

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