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How to Find a Geode: A Comprehensive Guide


How to Find a Geode: A Comprehensive Guide

One of the most interesting things you can find is a geode. Geodes are rocks that have a special inside. When you find one, it feels like you’ve found a treasure.

Geodes are typically agates. Agates are common stones that usually do not cost much money, but they are beautiful to look at. Geodes, in particular, can be cool because they look like little caves.

The outside of these stones may look plain and rough, but when you break them open, you can see that they have concentric bands of color around a hollow interior. Often, the inside is packed with tiny crystals.

Geodes’ bland, unremarkable surface is part of their appeal. Geodes look like rocks. It makes it hard to identify one in the field.

There are many opportunities to find geodes. When you find one and break it open, you will see the crystals inside. It is a wonderful reward.


You can find geodes worldwide, but they are most commonly found in deserts, volcanic ash beds, and areas rich in limestone. They can also be found near lakes and rivers.

In the US, California, Arizona, Utah, and Nevada may have more geodes. But you can find geodes in other states too. For example, Iowa’s state rock is the geode!

If you don’t know where to start searching for geodes and other stones, visit a local ranger station or visitor center. The people working there will probably know of a good place to start. They might also have some handouts to help you find what you’re looking for.


Before looking for geodes, ensure you have all the supplies you need. You will need a bag to gather geodes, but you may also use a heavier rock to break them apart.

It’s a good idea to bring a hammer and a rock pick with you. The rock pick will assist you in breaking the stone symmetrically. That’s when the hammer comes in. And it is always prudent to wear protective goggles, just in case of flying rock splinters!

You may also want to take pictures and use a GPS device when looking for geodes. It will help you recall where you discovered the geodes and allow you to share your experiences with other geode hunters.


When looking for geodes, you should look for round or egg-shaped rocks. They will not be sharp. You should also feel for a lumpy texture on the outside of the rock.

Geodes are uncommon among smooth rocks. Extremely rough, jagged rocks are generally not either. The texture is comparable to that of a cauliflower.

If you find a good candidate, pick it up and feel the weight of it in your hand. Compare it to another rock that is similar in size and shape and looks like it is made of the same material. If your candidate’s rock is lighter, it may be a geode.

Even if it isn’t, you may want to try breaking it open because it could be a beautiful agate!


There are numerous techniques to open rock to discover its contents. It is the most thrilling section! Note that it does not require much force to open a geode. Remember that the rock inside is hollow. If you use excessive force, it will be shattered.

  • There are hand-powered saws you can purchase to cut rocks. However, you probably should not use them because they are time-consuming. A mechanical rock saw is better, or you can try using a mechanical tile saw. You should do it if you want an excellent clean straight cut. You cannot do this in the field.
  • Get someone else to saw your geode. Not interested in sawing open your geode yourself? No problem! Some rock merchants offer this service for a fee.
  • Use a sock. It is a fun and safe way to break open rocks. Put your rock inside a sock, then use a hammer to break it open. The sock will contain the mess and prevent fragments from flying around. It is an excellent method to use if you are geode hunting with kids.
  • Use a pick and hammer. A rock pick is one of the most used tools for splitting rocks. You will want to place the pick in the middle of the rock, then use a hammer to hit it. It will help you get an even cut. If you do not have a proper rock pit, don’t worry. Standard flat-faced chisels can produce satisfactory results.
  • Soil pipe cutter. You can wrap the chain around your geode and apply pressure if a soil pipe cutter has a long handle. It is the best way to open it because it is fast and easy. However, not many people use this method because it is not cheap.

If you’re impatient or don’t have the equipment, crush the possible geode with a heavier rock. However, it will break into many small pieces if you bash it too hard. But be careful not to smash it too hard, or it will break into many little pieces.

When on the hunt for geodes, there are some important details to keep in mind. You will want patience because it will take some time to become skilled at locating them.

In the beginning, you will mistake many regular rocks for geodes. But don’t worry, you will get better at telling the difference. You also need to learn how to break them correctly. If you don’t get it right at first, don’t worry. You will eventually figure it out.

As you do this more, you will get better and better at it. You will find out how to break open geodes. When you do, you will find treasures inside. It is fun to do by yourself or with friends and family. Geodes make great collectibles and gifts. So have fun and good luck!

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