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Sleep Podcasts: The Best Way to Fall Asleep


Sleep Podcasts: The Best Way to Fall Asleep

If sleep is so important for physical and mental health, why is it sometimes hard to get enough? Stress, a lack of routine, and many medical conditions can interfere with sleep, making it difficult to function daily. However, your doctor or a Minded provider can recommend therapy, lifestyle changes, or medication that can help you fall and stay asleep. Occasionally, folks require a little more assistance to get to bed.

Some experts say that you can improve your sleep by practicing good sleep hygiene. This includes keeping screens out of your bedroom and avoiding caffeine and alcohol before bed. You can also prepare for bed by listening to a podcast. Just put in your earbuds, turn off the lights, and let the soothing sounds relax you. Numerous podcasts about sleep can help you get a better night’s sleep if you don’t want to listen to this particular one.

Do you have trouble sleeping? Here are 10 podcasts that might help you sleep better.

Quick Picks:  Sleep Podcasts

Get Sleepy

If you want to listen to a bedtime story, check out Get Sleepy. It is a podcast that will help you fall asleep. The episodes are made by a team of people who know what they are doing. You can trust them to help you relax and get some sleep.

‍Sleep Meditation Podcast by ASMR Sleep Triggers

We have a podcast for you that might help you sleep if you like white noise. The podcast creator used to have insomnia, so this podcast is for relaxing listeners with soundscapes like crackling campfires, rainy days, and tropical rainforests. You can also explore one of Spotify’s numerous sleep meditation playlists.

Sleep With Me

Sleep With Me is a podcast that provides humorous, meandering bedtime tales intended to put you to sleep. Drew Ackerman, the podcast’s presenter, notes that late-night comedy radio was the only thing that helped him fall asleep during spells of insomnia. He also broadcasts Game of Drones, a Game of Thrones recap show designed to help people go asleep.

Casper Sleep Channel

The mattress manufacturer Casper started its own podcast in 2019. The podcast contains a mix of sleep noises, meditations, and comforting bedtime stories. Approximately one hour in length, each episode features famous podcasters. Kathryn Nicolai, host of Nothing Much Happens: Bedtime Stories for Adults, is one of the podcast’s featured guests. The podcast is available on Spotify and YouTube.

Tracks to Relax: Guided Sleep Meditations

There are different sleep meditations to choose from, depending on how long it usually takes you to fall asleep. You can choose from quick, ten-minute meditations or hour-long episodes. The podcast host is a certified master hypnotist, and his soothing voice will help you relax and fall asleep.

Sleep Whispers

Sleep Whispers is a podcast that uses whispered episodes to help listeners fall asleep. Whether you learn dull history or recipes or listen to a captivating bedtime story, the objective is to calm your thoughts and quiet your mind in preparation for sleep. Each week, new episodes are released, or you can browse the hundreds of existing episodes to discover something you enjoy.

Nothing Much Happens

The host of this popular sleep podcast, Kathryn Nicolai, uses her years of experience as a yoga and meditation instructor to help you build better sleep habits over time. As the name suggests, the stories you’ll hear in this podcast aren’t exactly exciting, but that’s the point. If you’re more of a reader, check out the host’s book of the same name.

Sleep Success With Michael J. Breus

If you want to get better sleep, start by learning about it. America’s sleep doctor, Michael Breus, recently started a podcast where he shares tips and tools based on the latest sleep research. He also interviews medical experts about common sleep challenges and how they work with patients to solve them. At the end of each episode, he answers the listener’s questions about sleep.

Talking Sleep

If you want to learn more about sleep science, listen to the Talking Sleep podcast by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. The podcast is hosted by Dr. Seema Khosla, a medical director at the North Dakota Center for Sleep. She interviews sleep doctors, researchers, and other clinicians about common sleep disorders on the show.

Sleep Talk

The Sleep Talk podcast is a monthly show that discusses sleep disorders and everyday sleep issues. The hosts interview experts in the field of sleep and discuss recent research that could help improve your sleep routine. They also share sleep tips on their website, ranging from recently published research to highlights from their attended sleep conferences.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sleep Podcasts

Can Listening to a Podcast Help You Sleep?

Some of those relaxation podcasts may actually help you sleep better. Slow waves in your brain happen during a specific frequency, and listening to something close to that frequency may help you sleep better.

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